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ATA Says CSA 2010 Needs Further Changes Before Release

Despite the fact the American Trucking Associations is not taking part in a dispute to block Comprehensive Safety Analysis 2010, it is requesting for additional changes before carriers' rankings under the program are publicized. The new system won’t be implemented, until at least Dec. 12, by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, as declared by the FMCSA itself.

ATA’s manager of safety & security operations, Boyd Stephenson, noted in a Nov. 29 letter to FMCSA’s CSA program manager that carriers’ scores in five of the seven Behavior Analysis and Safety Improvement Categories (BASICs) are ready to be shown to the public. Stephenson said, “Before the agency chooses to disclose this data, it should ensure that these BASICs accurately predict crash risk.”

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New Advance Booking Policy by Marine Atlantic Is Not Independent Trucker Friendly

During this time of the year at Marine Atlantic ferry terminals in North Sydney and Port aux Basques, N.L, the natural decline in tourist traffic gives some relief, to truckers, from the long waits.

"I would say things are better, but I would say that tongue-in-cheek because I’m not sure if it is better," said Tony Cole, one of the many regional truckers who united together to express their grievances this summer after the federally owned ferry service introduced a new reservation system.

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Why Is My Current Employer not on my USIS/DAC Report?

One of the more common questions I receive concerns why a current employer does not show up on a USIS "DAC" report. A driver will call me, has received his DAC report, is currently working for a carrier trying to build a good record and the experience doesn't even show up. They've worked hard, been accident free, done a great job and are displeased that this employment is missing on the report. Typically, the question (and answer) go something like this:

Question: I have been working for John Doe Motor Carrier for two full years. In that time, I have driven 48 states, been drug tested multiple times and driven hundreds of thousands of miles. In fact, I am still working for them.

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