Freehold Cartage Inc.

Freehold Cartage was set up as a specialized carrier for hazardous and special waste transportation needs throughout the US and across the boarder to Canada and has been operating for the last 43 years. They also provide transportation of solid waste and recycling for customers based in New Jersey. Freehold Cartage Inc are a growth oriented family company and is still owned and operated by the family that founded it through their corporate headquarters in Monmouth County, New Jersey.
Freehold Cartage employees over 375 people, of which 240 are drivers. By remaining a family oriented company and providing employees with the best equipment and work environment, the turnover rate consistantly remains low. Their philosophy is to provide the very best quality of service to customers and opportunities to employees alike.
Freehold Cartage, Inc. operates through 48 state common carrier and contract carrier authority licensed to transport all types of wastes throughout the US and Canada with $21 million in insurance coverage. They operate primarily to the east of the Mississippi River. Their fleet consists of the latest models such as the Peterbilt conventional, air ride suspension and cab, the van division has 48’ 102” dry vans and the tanker division has mostly six thousand gallon s/s vacuum tanks. Their Roll Off division mostly consists of tri-axel trailers. Their vehicles are all fitted with Qualcomm Satellite communication systems to ensure real time reports of the cargo or freight to the customer. Each vehicle has a driver assigned to it on a permanent basis, this ensures a very low down time as the driver gets to know his vehicle and has the maintenance carried out regularly by the highly skilled in-house maintenance professionals.
The employees are all taken good care of and they pass this satisfaction on to the customers by way of excellent service. Among other things some of the perks that the employees enjoy are Starting mileage: 30.0 to 35.0 cpm depending on experience, review after 6 months, starting hourly: $10.00 per hour, review annually, daily Allowance: 4 cpm ($20.00 per 24 hour period), safety/Performance bonus: .02 cpm, load/unload: $25 per stop. Hourly rate after two hours, layover pay: 8 hours of the hourly rate per day after first 24 hours, holiday pay: hourly rate and most of the drivers are home at least 35 weekends per year.